Sunday, April 28, 2013

Deep in the wood

Hello everybody,

Today I want to show you a new outfit. For the shooting we went deep into the wood, as the title says and as you may already have recognized by watching at the photos. Unfortunately, the slogan on my t-shirt, which says c'est la vie parisienne doesn't really go with the location. But as it would have been a bit too expensive to travel to Paris just for a shooting, I thought a forest would be nice as well. 

By the way, the t-shirt and the skirt are from mint&berry, one of my favourite brands. I really, really love their clothes, because they are cute and special. What is your favourite brand for clothes?
I'm always happy about every single comment and of course as well about every single new follower! So, if you like the photos and want to see what outfits I create next, follow me via GFC or bloglovin.


t-shirt: mint&berry
skirt: mint&berry
tights: H&M
hat: H&M
shoes: laredoute
bracelet: bijoux brigitte

Thursday, April 25, 2013

8 facts about me and myself

Hello together,

First I want to announce you the 'New blogs to the top' - campaign which Ina from the Blog makes in regular intervals. Here the link, if you want to participate:

And another blog presentation which will be made soon, if you want to participate, here's the link:
By the way, her photos are really nice and varied!

Lets come to the real post: for today I thought I could tell you some facts about me. I know, everybody makes this '10 facts'-posts, but I personally really like reading them, because they don't just tell boring stuff and they sometimes are even funny. First, I thought I could use the alphabet for my post and write down to every letter an interesting fact. But then I already didn't know a word for the third letter and got really afraid when it came to my mind that there also exist letters like x or j. So I decided to just reduce it to eight facts.
Well, here they are:

1. I want to start with a character trait of me: I think I am the most impatient person on earth! Really, I can't wait! The worst thing for me is to sit in a train when it stands for a longer time at the train station. I always become very nervous then.

2. The best ideas always come to my mind - yeah, you guessed right - in the evening, when I lie in my bed and cannot fall asleep. Well, I wrote the best ideas - but I should correct it: the craziest ideas. It's so weird, then they always seem so  realisable. And then, in the next morning I just think What the hell did I come up with!? 

3. I'm addicted to nail polish. Really! It's just because I hate my hands when there is no nail polish on my finger nails. They look so ugly. But if the nails are colored, sometimes I nearly like them. I have a huge collection of nail polishes at home, but usually you can find the classical red colour on my nails - it goes with nearly everything and is definitely my first choice.

4. Chocolate. As you might know, I'm Swiss. And maybe this is the reasion why I love eating chocolate so much. But - I'm nearly too ashamed to tell you - my favourite chocolate is Kinder chocolate, which - yes, you're right - is German.

5. Do you want to know what kind of mobile phone I have? It's a Blackberry. Maybe you think right now Blackberry, who does nowadays have a blackberry?! Well, it's just for the simple reason that I wanted to have something different, not an iPhone, as nearly everybody has. And I want to identify myself with my mobile phone. 
I really love my Blackberry, although I sometimes could just throw it against the wall because Instagram isn't available on it.

6. I hate plants and animals. I'm one of those people who can't even look after a cactus without letting it die. And animals... Well, little dogs or cats are really cute, as long as I don't have to care for them. But, luckily, at least I get along quite well with human beings.

7. One of my favourite hobbies is reading. At the moment I love reading classic books like 'Pride and Prejudice' or 'Gone with the Wind' (I can just recommend these books, if somebody intends to read it). When I was younger, I used to read about 12 books per month (it was the maximum of books I could borrow at the library). Unfortunately, at the moment I don't find that much time to read, as I'm quite busy with school and other things of daily life.

8. I love learning languages. That's why I learn English, French, Spanish and Italian at school (besides my native language German, of course). So if you want to leave a comment in one of these languages, feel free, I would be happy about it!

Congratulations, you made it to the end! Thank you very much for reading this text, I hope you enjoyed it! Does one of these facts remind you of yourself? Just tell me! I would be glad to hear some comments. And if you like my blog, I'm happy about every single follower.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

love in the darkness - er - sunshine..

Hello everybody

Well, I told you you won't have to wait long for my next post: here it is!
As today the weather in Switzerland was just a dream, I thought I could show you a new outfit. Do you like it? I just came from school when we shot the photos, so I had my Longchamp bag with me. I know it looks quite crowded (and it really was), but what do you think in general about the 'Le pliage'? Do you like this sort of bag or is it just too 'mainstream' for you? Tell me your opinion! I'm happy about every single comment! 
And I would, of course, love to have some more followers, so if you like my photos, just follow me (also possible on bloglovin). There will be new posts soon!

By the way, go to, there will be a blog presentation soon! And it's a very nice blog anyway.

t-shirt: H&M
shorts: pimkie
bag: longchamp
tights: H&M
sunglasses: orsay

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hello to everybody,

As you've probably noticed, this is my first post... I just wanted to share this (first) outfit with you. You like the photos? Well, I would be very happy to have you as my follower, as you might know how difficult it is to find the first readers. I will post the next photos soon, you won't have to wait for a long time!
Just something about my person as well, because I know that some of you might be interested in the person behind this blog. My name's Selina and I'm from Switzerland. Maybe you've already found the first language mistakes in this text, but please don't be angry with me if  there are mistakes. You must know that English isn't my native language, honestly it's German. But I decided to run this blog in English for the simple reason that like that I can reach a greater audience. 

Now I want to hear your opinion: do you like the dress and the photos? I'm happy about every (constructive) comment!

I know, this last picture doesn't really go with the others, but I just thought it's a nice one as well.

dress: romwe
bag: vintage
bracelet: unknown
tights: H&M
shoes: laredoute